Michael Vonk, APEC’s Road in Low-Carbon Economy

Date: Aug 12, 2011      Source: WEC      

First of all, I'd like to tell something about Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (abbreviated as APEC), and I think some people have few knowledge about it. APEC was founded in 1989, and its purpose is to promote investment and trade in Asia-Pacific region. Via investment trade, economic integration, technical cooperation, APEC strives to create a sustainable business environment.

APEC has expanded its research fields to environment and energy problem, what our economists are considering is 60% global demand, and many major energy consumption states are included. Last year, APEC energy minister made an official declaration on choosing an energy security and low carbon road. At the same time, the minister is also aware of the importance on strengthening regional energy security, global economy and environment. Simultaneously, we shall increase energy efficiency, and strengthen energy security in a more energy-conservation and cost-effective way, protect our environment while developing economy.

Besides, APEC is dedicated to getting rid of assorted fossil fuel, encouraging more technology application on new and renewable energy, promoting new technology popularization, reducing reliance on fossil energy. Currently, subsidy policies may bring larger burden for the national governments, which may be reduced by gradual elimination model. Now, APEC has started on some highly specialized projects. APEC's primary task in 2011 is to strive to get concrete results in environmental products and services, and to promote technology, improve energy safety, protect environment, and help various countries create more green jobs.

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