Muhammad Aslam, Joint Cooperation to Combat Climate Change

Date: Aug 12, 2011      Source: WEC      

I'm from a small country with 300,000 people, which are even smaller than China's town. Now, we are staying in the frontline of the climate change, which is the largest challenge we are facing till now. As you know, the ecosystem in the earth has changed a lot. We are experiencing global warming, which is the result of our activities, especially that since industrial revolution despite great achievement we have made. Today, I'm delighted to attend the conference, to give my negligible contribution, talk about the challenges by climate change Maldives is facing now.

Global warming and rising sea level are a very slow process, just like a smoker, smoking bit by bit will eventually do harm to his health. If we will not take action as soon as possible, the earth system will surely respond to such climate change. Climate change was the result of human activity. Therefore, we must reach agreement in this regard, and I think every one, country and international community may do a lot of things to address climate change.

We often believe that development is closely linked with carbon emission, I don't think so, I think it is related to energy. We are seeking other ways to produce energy, Maldives would like to accept challenging objectives of realizing carbon neutral by 2020. Even though there is a long way to go, our technology is imperfect, we are accelerating the establishment of technology market, and are going towards right road. We shall find a new energy, and new renewable energy, which needs us change our ideology, change our ideas. The governments of various countries are responding positively, I believe government support will offer substantive market opportunity for new technology. Our cabinet has determined to achieve the objects of zero discharging of renewable energy, and to reduce corresponding custom.

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