Napoleon Navarro, Boost Energy-Conservation and Environmental-Protection Industry, Handle Climate Change

Date: Aug 12, 2011      Source: WEC      

First of all, I think climate change is a challenge for China as well as the world. The battle against climate change has been launched, and China surely will win eventually. China is the most populous country, and the second economy in the world, and also the largest developing country.

Over the past 3 decades, the growth of climate, population, bio-fuels are relatively slow, lower than 10%, and environmental issue shall be considered during this process.

In the next 25 years, more than 550 million people from the rural area will migrate to the cities, which will impose great pressure on the cities. Enterprises shall have two social responsibilities, the first is enterprise profit, and the next is global issue. A responsible enterprise shall donate some earnings to foundations so as to protect environment, and shall consider the future, the people and environment.

Enterprises shall not wait for national criteria, but pay close attention to the market, which is also of utmost importance. Our world is facing severe challenge from climate change, and water scarcity is also a severe question. Therefore, how to improve water utilization rate is conducive to business development. High price of fossil material has essential influence on high energy-consumption enterprises.

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