He keng: China’s Property Enterprise during Economic Transition

Date: Aug 12, 2011      Source: WEC      

Housing question is an outstanding contradiction during the urbanization. Currently, China's urbanization is underway. Over the past 2 decades, the average urbanization rate has risen 1 percentage point year by year. By 2001, China's urbanization rate has reached 49.68%, however, 261.4 million people still faced housing problems, and at least extra 87 million houses were needed. In the next 40 years, namely by 2050, China's urbanization will be up to 80% or so, and 16 million urban residents will migrate to cities annually, and about 4 million newly added houses will be required each year. Consequently, 35 million affordable houses, put forward during "the 11th FYP", are far from enough. So, we shall strive to promote the development of commodity houses.

The guiding ideology on solving housing contradiction lies in proper consumption. In consideration of populous nature and limited resources in China, the fundamental guiding ideology on solving housing problem is to guide proper consumption, which is the requirement of not only solving housing problem, but adhering to green and sustainable development. As for saving, we shall rely on not only political call or administrative rule, but also guidance of economic policy. We shall persist in the principle of more resource, more taxes. A basic guiding ideology is to restrain consumption, and realize accumulative property tax according to housing area.

The major direction of current property transformation is to strengthen the R&D of building material and utilization of solar energy. In order to realize the road to green building, building materials shall be clean, solid and energy-saving, and solar energy shall be effectively utilized, which are still prominent issues at present. Consequently, in the process of technological innovation, we shall place our focus on the research of building material and the utilization of solar energy.

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