Hou Yunchun: Utilize and Develop Renewable Energy to Address Global Challenge

Date: Aug 12, 2011      Source: WEC      

On what do the creatures on the planet rely to make survival since billions of years ago? The answer is the interest of the earth. Human's survival and development during the long time are reliant on the interest of the earth. However, since the industrial revolution, human beings have not been satisfied for merely consuming the interest of the earth, but utilized more principal like non-renewable resources. As you know, the principal is non-renewable energy, and interest is renewable one.

In order to develop low-carbon economy during the transformation period, we shall introduce and standardize industrial development, improve mechanism, streamline management system, and establish environment conducive to renewable energy development. At the same time, we shall positively encourage social investment, utilize price, financial and taxation policies to accelerate the application of renewable energy and reduce cost. The exploitation and application of renewable energy is a global topic, therefore, we shall strive to make the most of the interest rather than principal of the earth, which is a common task each country faces now. As for the renewable energy utilization, the world shall expand technology research and investment, and oppose protectionism, and shall create a sound system and mechanism to guarantee the worldwide popularization of renewable energy without any blockade.

Nowadays, international situation is going towards polarization. On the one hand, sluggish economy, weak recovery, high debt and unemployment frequently harassed the developed countries; on the other hand, higher price, overheat economy and severe asset bubble are the usual phenomenon in the emerging countries. Since last year, in order to combat crisis, international community has abstained past and uniform policies, and each country may adjust its macro-policy according to local conditions. Their common ground is with an eye to middle and long-term sustainable development, their attention has been turned to new round technological and industrial revolution, to cultivate emerging strategic industry, among these, new and renewable energy are important parts in this process.

Over-exploitation of fossil energy brings a challenge on human being. According to the forecast of authoritative international organization, usable reserve of global petroleum, natural gas, coal will maintain for 53 years, 63 years and 90 years respectively. Currently, China's reliance on imported petroleum reached 55%, and the supply of fossil energy was increasingly urgent. In this case, various countries in the globe has expanded the research and development of renewable energy. Taking wind energy as an example, the accumulative total installed capacity in 2008 reached 120 million kW, and EU 66 million kW. By 2020, the proportion of Germany's wind and solar energy will mount up to 30%, and new nuclear power plants will not be built any longer. By 2030, the proportion of Germany's renewable energy will reach 50%, and existing nuclear power plants will be replaced step by step.

Currently, developed technology of water energy in China reached 540 million kW, economically developed quantity reached 420 million kW, reaching top place in the globe. China’s 2/3 land area may obtain over 220 hours of sunshine, 300 million mW/day of wind energy, and a large amount of biomass energy etc. In recent years, China has issued a series of policies and measures on renewable resources such as Renewable Energy Law of People's Republic of China, and Temporary Measures of Additional Income Regulation of Renewable Energy Power and so on. China has made great achievement on the development of renewable energy. By 2009, the total renewable energy utilization reached 260 million tons of standard coal, or 8.3% of the total. Since 2006, renewable energy (excluding wind energy) has achieved 100% growth annually. By 2010, installed capacity has reached 41 million kW, next to US, occupying the second place in the world. The total area of solar water heater reached 150 million square meters, the first place in the world, and may replace 30 million tons of standard coal each year, double wind power. Solar panels have been exported to developed countries like EU, making great contribution to the global renewable energy source.

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